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Our Services

Dr. Cusson and staff provide a wide range of services with exceptional care and attention to your comfort.  We are committed to providing our patients with optimal preventative dental care practices, including brushing, flossing and profession cleanings.  But even with regular care, dental problems can arise, requiring restorative dentistry.
Dental Hygiene


Keep your teeth clean and healthy by having a dental cleaning and routine exam every 6 months.  A clean smile is a happy smile!  Schedule a hygiene appointment today

Dental Implants


A dental implant is a surgical component that acts like the root of a tooth.  It can be used as an anchor for a crown, bridge or denture

Dental Bonding


Dental fillings are commonly used to treat cavities.  Composite bonding can also be used to treat chipped or fractured teeth, colored to match your existing shade

Crown and Bridge

Crowns are necessary when a large cavity threatens the ongoing health of the tooth.


A bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth between two crowns

Dentures and Partials


Dentures and partial dentures are a viable option when missing one or multiple teeth.  They are removable prostheses that are supported by soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity  

Take Home Whitening


Smile brighter with our teeth whitening options.  Ask us about our take home teeth whitening program to keep those pearly whites white!

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